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AWFUL. Women’s Soccer Team Skips Representing United States at Olympic Opening Ceremony

The U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team was absent from the Olympics opening ceremony on Friday, citing a scheduling conflict.

Star forward Megan Rapinoe told NBC’s Mike Tirico and Savannah Guthrie that the team couldn’t be at the opening ceremony because the players had practice, WXIA-TV reported.

“Obviously we can’t be there, I don’t know who scheduled us to practice at this time,” she said.

“But everyone from Team USA will be holding it down for us.”

The women’s soccer team is prepping for its Saturday game against New Zealand after it lost 3-0 to Sweden on Wednesday.

“We don’t lose very often and we definitely don’t lose like that very often,” Rapinoe said.

“Luckily in Olympics we play what seems like every other day.”

She added that the Olympics are “always an unbelievable experience.”

“Last year in March and April we were sitting here wondering if we were going to get this opportunity,” Rapinoe said.

“It looks quite different and feels quite different than in the past, but all of us are thrilled to be here.”

Even though they couldn’t be at the opening ceremony, the soccer team’s players recreated it in the hallway of their hotel with Rapinoe acting as her fiancée, basketball team Olympian Sue Bird, who was one of Team USA’s flag bearers.

If you can’t go to the #OpeningCeremony, you bring the #OpeningCeremony to you

@mPinoe (as @S10Bird) pic.twitter.com/rZxNIohrGz

— U.S. Soccer WNT (@USWNT) July 23, 2021

The women’s soccer team was not the only one missing from the opening ceremony.

The women’s gymnastics team also did not walk in the ceremony because it is “focused on preparation,” USA gymnastics spokeswoman Meredith Yeoman told The New York Times.

The men’s gymnastics team also did not participate and the two teams held their own mini parade.

Love it! Sam Mikulak gets flagbearer honors as the Women’s and Men’s gymnastics teams from the USA hold their own private Opening Ceremony, since they won’t be able to be in the Stadium tonight. #tokyo2020 #gymnastics #olympics

Lisa Spini pic.twitter.com/Auruiq67Tc

— Inside Gymnastics (@InsideGym) July 23, 2021

The men’s gymnastics qualification is on Saturday and the women’s is on Sunday, according to CBS Sports.

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