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Arizona Stands With Congressman Paul Gosar: Group Releases Letter in Opposition to Censure Vote and Silencing of Arizona Lawmaker

House Democrats along with Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger voted on Wednesday to censure Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) and strip him from his committee assignments over an animated video that he posted.

BREAKING: House Democrats — Along with Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger — Vote to Censure Rep. Paul Gosar and Strip Him from His Committees over Comic Video

The video was a spoof of ‘Attack on Titan’, a meme that addressed the border invasion and the attack on our country led by career politicians who abuse their powers.

HERE IS THE SILLY VIDEO Rep. Paul Gosar Posted that Tyrant Pelosi Is Using to Demand He is Removed from His Congressional Committees — What a Joke

Democrats were offended by the cartoon meme.  But they weren’t offended when members threatened President Trump or committed other treasonous acts.

Kamala Harris joked about killing President Trump.

Rep. Maxine Waters is famous for threatening to kill President Trump and promoting assault on his supporters and staff.

Jihad Squad’s Ilhan Omar is allowed on the Foreign Affairs Committee while praising terrorists and being anti-semitic.

Eric Swalwell, who’s on the intelligence community slept with a Chinese Communist spy.

Rep. Lauren Boebert Goes Scorched Earth On Dems: “The Jihad Squad member from MN” and Rep. Eric Swalwell For “Sleeping with (Chinese Spy Fang-Fang) the enemy!” [VIDEO]

Now, they’re censuring Paul Gosar for an animated video depicting the real circumstances we face?

We The People AZ Alliance stand with Congressman Gosar and his record of fighting for freedom.

This is not just an attack on Paul Gosar. This is an attack on our American liberties.

We The People released the following statement.


Today our US Congress launched a full assault on the American people.
Congress voted on House Resolution 789.

This resolution censured our duly elected Representative Paul Gosar and removed him from service to his committees.

Using the words of our great President Donald Trump, the attack may be on Congressman Gosar, but the assult is on the American people.

We as Americans, must first and foremost ALWAYS defend the right to free speech. This includes speech we do not agree with.


Please join us to respectfully request that this letter in opposition to the censure of Congressman Paul Gosar be entered into the Congressional record.

Click on the link, sign the letter and we will hand-deliver every letter to our Congressman.


When our government starts censoring memes, are we still living in a free country?

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