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Arizona Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema Allegedly Not Returning Joe Biden’s Phone Calls

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema was ambushed in a women’s bathroom last week by left wing activists who were angry that she wasn’t supporting the Democrats’ massive spending bill.

Instead of supporting Sinema, Biden brushed it off saying that’s just “part of the process.”

Now Sinema is apparently not returning Biden’s phone calls. Can anyone blame her?

Breitbart News reports:

Report: Kyrsten Sinema Is Not Returning Joe Biden’s Phone Calls

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) reportedly does not always return President Biden’s phone calls concerning the negotiations of reconciliation, CNN reported Thursday.

“Biden himself has sounded exasperated at both Manchin and Sinema,” according to Democrat lawmakers who have spoken to Biden about reconciliation negotiations. “The President told progressives this week that he has spent many hours with the two senators ‘and they don’t move.’”

The legislative standoff is so bad that CNN’s sources told the news organization that Sinema does not “always” return phone calls from Biden.

To resolve any bad blood between the negotiating factions, Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) reportedly suggested Biden assemble both senators in a room to hammer out a compromise on the massive tax and spend package, but Biden reportedly believes that would not help the interparty standoff.

The president “told the progressive House Democrats that he’s been in politics a long time — and getting them together in the same room would almost be like ‘homicide,’” CNN reported.

Leftists are really angry about this.

Maybe leftists shouldn’t have harassed her in the bathroom. And maybe Biden should have stuck up for her.

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