Another Power Grid Attack? LAX Airport Goes Completely Dark After Suffering Power Outage

Another power grid attack?

Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday afternoon went completely dark after suffering a power outage.

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TSA temporarily stopped screening passengers and some departing flights were impacted.

Power was restored about an hour later.

It is unclear what caused the outage.

ABC 7 reported:

A power outage at Los Angeles International Airport Wednesday afternoon temporarily halted security screening of passengers, but service was restored after about an hour, officials said.

The outage was reported around 2:30 p.m., with airport officials saying most terminals and traffic lights in the terminal area were affected.

Although the airfield continued operating normally, LAX officials warned that some departing flights could be delayed because there was no power to operate the jet bridges.

It was unclear how many flights were impacted, if any. The lack of power also prompted the Transportation Security Administration to halt passenger screening. Travelers were advised to allow extra time to reach their flights.

More from ABC 7:

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