ANOTHER BOGUS ATTACK: DC Court Already Ruled in 2012 Case on Trump’s Right to Hold White House Documents – In their Ruling on Bill Clinton’s Right to Hold Secret Tapes in His Sock Drawer

It should be obvious by now that the Democrats will DO ANYTHING to indict President Trump and prevent him from winning another election including perverting the law in their favor.

Soros-backed New York City DA Alvin Bragg indicted President Trump in April but could not even explain what laws were broken. The case involved Stormy Daniels’ non-disclosure agreement. The porn star was later forced to pay President Trump’s team hundreds of thousands in court costs after she broke the agreement.

As Joe Hoft at The Gateway Pundit explained in April, Alvin Bragg claimed in his charges against Trump that the president made the accounting entries himself related the Daniels’ payments. No CEO in the world presiding over a billion-dollar company makes entries in General Ledger or is cutting checks. This is total nonsense. Most notable is that the transactions Bragg lists in his indictment are from 2017. This was when President Trump was in office and his sons were running his company. President Trump had nothing to do with these transactions.

On January 19, 2021, one day before he left office, President Trump signed a letter declassifying documents related to Crossfire Hurricane.  The documents indicted Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the FBI, DOJ, and State Department in running a coup against Trump based on Trump-Russia collusion lies.

In February 2022 the National Archives asked the Biden DOJ to investigate President Trump’s “handling” of White House records he took with him to Mar-a-Lago.

The politicized National Archives wanted President Trump to return White House documents to the archives that was holding securely at his Mar-a-Lago home.

In August 2022 President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago was raided by FBI agents.  This was a surprise to Trump’s attorneys who were in negotiations with the Biden DOJ on disclosure of unclassified documents the President took with him when he left office.

On Thursday June 8, 2023 the Biden DOJ announced they were indicting President Trump on seven charges surrounding his handling of White House documents that he likely already declassified.

President Trump could be sent to prison to die. This is what the regime is shooting for.

But, once again, this is all a bogus investigation. The president’s handling of classified documents is settled law. Far left DC Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled in 2012 that there is no provision in the Presidential Records Act that gives the National Archives the power to seize records from a former president.

Here is the relevant section. — The National Archives has NO AUTHORITY over the president.

The Biden DOJ knows this, of course, but pushed ahead anyway to take out their political opposition like a corrupt Marxist regime.

They even launched a Special Counsel into President Trump’s handling of his own, unclassified presidential records — While at the same time they ignore Joe Biden’s illegal mishandling of classified documents going back 49 years ago to 1974!

This entire “classified document” investigation of President Trump is the latest lawless attempt by the Biden regime and Deep State to ruin Trump.

And once again the only criminal activity here is the election interference by the regime.

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