ABC’s Martha Raddatz Turns on Joe Biden: “The Search of a Sitting President’s Home Dramatically Escalates the Political Fallout” (VIDEO)

ABC’s Martha Raddatz on Sunday turned on Joe Biden and reported on the ‘escalating political fallout’ after stolen classified documents were discovered at Biden’s private office and home.

FBI agents found six more classified documents at Joe Biden’s Wilmington home on Friday.

Biden ‘consented’ to the search, according to reports.

There was no subpoena and no warrant.

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While the media is still defending Joe Biden because he ‘complied’ with the search, some anchors are starting to turn on him.

“The search of a sitting president’s home dramatically escalates the political fallout, if not the legal problems, after the White House consistently tried to downplay the significance all week,” Martha Raddatz said on Sunday.

Raddatz also attacked Trump for lawfully storing documents at his Mar-a-Lago residence.


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