HPMK-I Product Overview and Demonstration

Introducing the brand new Hypothermia Prevention & Management Kit – Insulated from North American Rescue. This latest addition to the HPMK family of products is ideal for austere environments due to the newly incorporated Climashield® insulation layer that is now built in.

For more information on the HPMK-I™ visit: https://www.narescue.com/hpmk-i-hypothermia-prevention-management-kit-insulated.html

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Landmarking for the Second Intercostal Space for Needle Decompression #bethedifference #ARSneedle

North American Rescue's NAR Doc brings you this educational short focused on identifying the anatomical landmarks associated with effective needle decompression. For more info: https://www.narescue.com/enhanced-ars-decompression-needle

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