Hasty Harness- Extraction

This resourceful tool is ideal for critical adaptability during high threat rescues. Constructed of a circumference of 22 feet of 1″ Tech Tape whose tensile strength of 4200 lbs. outperforms its military spec counterpart in strength, flexibility, knotability and durability. Please visit www.NARescue.com for more information.

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Doctor: Scaffold Tissue and Nanowires Are Causing SADS

In the past few months, we are “suddenly” started to hear of a new phenomenon called “sudden adult death syndrome” or SADS. Just like...

More COVID Shots: US To Procure “Adapted” COVID-19 “Vaccines”

The ruling class of the United States is not giving up on injecting as many humans as possible with the COVID-19 mRNA “vaccines.” Now,...

L-FAK (Lumbar First Aid Kit)

Introducing the Lumbar First Aid Kit (L-FAK) from North American Rescue. This compact kit offers convenient carriage options designed to fit on the small...

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