14 Rare Medical Preps Every Prepper Should Stock Up On NOW

For a true blue Prepper, prepping for the worst-case scenarios is a calling. Check out these rare medical preps every prepper should do to be ready for any situation.

While you may be extremely prepared when it comes to food, water, self-protection, tools, and general supplies, there’s one area where you may be severely lacking: medical supplies. In some countries, trauma medical gear is limited for civilian purchase.

And for those of us who lack formal medical training, there is a giant leap that would need to be taken in order to correctly and effectively use items like skin staples, tourniquets, and sutures.

It is highly recommended that you purchase books on wilderness first aid and on emergency medical care, since when SHTF, there may be no doctors or surgeons to consult with. You’ll also want to invest heavily in your medical supplies since these can literally be life-saving and extremely hard to come by.

Canadian Prepper took us through his personal trauma kit, as well as his general medical kit so that you have an idea of what types of items you should be looking for (see video below).

Keep in mind that expiration dates are more like guidelines, and many medications and treatments can still be effective after the expiration date passes. An expired option may still be better than no option.

Stocking Your Trauma Kit

1. Headlamp

Many emergencies occur at night, and a headlamp provides you with light as well as both your hands to treat a medical emergency.

2. CPR Resuscitation Face Shield

Taking a CPR class is a great investment in your education.

3. Gloves

You’ll want to keep plenty of sterile, heavy-duty medical gloves on-hand.

4. Chitosan Hemostatic Dressings

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Extremely effective and easy to use, chitosan is derived from crustaceans or snow crab shells. They work independently from the body’s clotting process. These dressings are designed to control lacerations, minor cuts and abrasions rapidly, and are used prior to using a tourniquet.

5. Skin Stapler

Easier to use than sutures, an emergency skin stapler allows you to close off wounds with the pull of a trigger.

6. Chest Seal

If you have any expectation of engaging in a firefight, you MUST stock chest seals. These will seal up a chest wound and give you the time to get to help before you perish.

7. Splint

The SAM brand is recommended in the video and uses foam and aluminum layers that form structural arcs that are strong enough for pre- or post-cast care.

8. Israeli Medical Bandage

A hemorrhage control mechanism, the Israeli medical bandage is perfect for large lacerations or burns. It offers two layers of protection and also comes in a larger abdominal version.

9. Silver-Infused Bandages

Antibacterial Plastic Plaster by Elastoplast

Silver-infused bandages are recommended because they are waterproof and consistently antimicrobial.

10. Silver Antimicrobial Wound Gel

Much preferable to Polysporin, silver wound gel will actually semi-solidify on a wound, creating a protective barrier from bacteria and fungi. It will not rub off and last for three days.

11. Tourniquet

A must-have for anyone, a tourniquet can be life-saving when you suffer a severe cut or shooting.

12. Bleeding Control Kit

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop, this is it. It contains tourniquet, medical shears, permanent marker, gauze, emergency bandage, medical gloves, and instructions.

13. ZipStitch

14. Fiberfix

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Essentially a wet bandage that dries hard, Fiberfix can turn into a makeshift cast.

Other First Aid Essentials

Canadian Prepper also took the time to point out some of the other medical supplies that he keeps in his first aid roll:

Emergency bear flare/high visibility flare: Bright, loud, and hot
Finger splints
Emergency blanket
Water treatment tablets
Reflective tape
Disposable heat blanket
Magnifying glass
Lidocaine: A local anesthetic
Many bandages in a variety of sizes
Burn gel
Wilderness First Aid Guide
Cleaning agents

If you want to learn more about why these rare medical preps are needed, watch the video below:

While building up your First Aid Kit can be one of the biggest investments you make, it will be well worth the money if you ever need to fall back on it. Don’t skip anything from this list. Prep as much as you can as any of these tools can save a life!

Is there anything you want to add to these rare medical preps? We’d love to hear about your new first aid kit discoveries in the comments section below!

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