SHOT 2022: MATBOCK Launches New Gear for Air, Land, and Sea

By developing new materials and products to improve the capabilities of a small, but particular job set, some of MATBOCK’s creations can confuse the masses. While seeking to make something lighter in weight, or stronger in construction appeals to the needs of most people, some features in their gear specifically point to a certain objective. The new MATBOCK OTB kit says it in its name, and if you know, then you know what to look for.

Matbock raider and berserker V3

Standing for Over the Beach, OTB has become nearly synonymous with another acronym: SEAL. Events like the rescue of Captian Philips to the Bin Laden raid have illustrated their capabilities on land and at sea. When swimming gear onto a target location, historically equipment would be stored in a dry bag, and then taken out once onshore. During this process, the team would be left vulnerable, depending on where they landed.

MATBOCK’s new OTB kit drastically reduces the amount of time this transition takes. The new Berserker v3 plate carrier is made of their hydrophobic Ghost material. The Raider front, back, and side pouches, which can be attached to most plate carriers that use molle and a velcro flap, all seal the contents away from water and the silt stirred up by the surf.

Matbock OTB Raider Kit

So instead of removing a pack to get one’s gear, the user simply unzips the front section to get access to magazines, lights, and admin essentials. The same goes for the watertight side sections, which conveniently are just the size to stow the new rifle drybag by MATBOCK.

Berserker v3: $550
Raider Front Pouch: $650
Raider Back Pouch: $650
Raider Side Pouch: $325
Raider Rifle Bag: $600


Setting up a belt or any gear properly takes a while, and when the time between notification and wheels-up for a mission can be a matter of minutes, those embarking do not have the time to change out their gear. The cage system of MATBOCK’s new belts allows the user to swap between “loadouts” in minutes, instead of hours.


The HAALO belt integrates a tether, that rides under the swappable cage. By removing the Cobra buckle on one end, the pre-curved plastic moly section can be slid off, and quickly replaced with another. A two-belt design, it remains secure on the waist.


via Recoil
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