New Duffle and 2-Day Pack by MATBOCK

The two new bags from MATBOCK serve different purposes, but share features specific to their origin. For transporting gear and protecting it from inclement weather while remaining light weight and durable, the CFA Duffle is made of their Ghost material. In addition to this, the new Kibisis 2-day pack has a design more specific to the needs of those who wear a ballistic helmet for a living.

CFA Duffle

Ghost material leans into developing more advanced materials to enhance the performance of equipment. It doesn’t absorb water, chemicals, or pathogens, and can be cleaned without compromising the material. Slicking water protects the gear inside the bag, but rejecting chemicals and pathogens helps protect the user. On top of this, it is both puncture and tear-resistant.

Matbock CFA Duffle

Built from Ghost Heavy, the CFA Duffle weighs 1.9 lbs, and has a capacity of 39 liters. For reference, a typical military-style issued duffle bag carries approximately 80 liters, weights 2.2 lbs, and won’t keep your gear dry, despite what the recruiter told you.


For those who travel, the CFA Duffle meets both Airline and Train requirements for a carry-on bag.

Colors: Black, Multicam, OD Green
Weight: 1.9 pounds
Capacity: 2,379 cubic inches or 39 liters
Dimensions: 20″ L x 12″ W x 10″ H
MSRP: $250

Kibisis 2-Day Assault Pack

The 29-Liter, 2.3 lb pack addresses the needs of multiple professionals, from being jumpable to having a dedicated helmet stowing design. Where the difference between a good assault pack and a great one can be determined by factors outside of the manufacturer’s control, such as the needs of the individual, their part of the equation is knowing the needs of the end-user and focusing on durable construction.

MATBOCK Kibisis 2-Day Assault Pack

The MATBOCK Kibisis is constructed out of a combination of Ghost and Ghost Light material, with sections sized to fit the items often carried in a pack. Side pouches fit a Nalgene bottle, and the outer section will carry a helmet. The overall construction provides protection against water.

MATBOCK Kibisis 2-Day Assault Pack

It includes a secondary pouch that can be detached and used separately.

Colors: Black, Multicam
Weight: 2.3 pounds
Capacity: 1,769 cubic inches or 29 liters
MSRP: $850


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