MATBOCK Launches new Berserker V3 Plate Carrier

At Shot Show this year, we had the opportunity to see some of the new kit coming from MATBOCK, and some of that gear is starting to make its way into the wild including the Berserker V3. For the most part, plate carriers have lost weight by trimming down material and losing unused features, but MATBOCK has gone ahead and created a new material to work with. Constructed out of their Ghost material, the overall weight of the carrier itself comes in at 14 ounces, and stays that way by shedding water.

matbock berserker v3 multicam, loaded

Lightweight, Low Vis, and other Buzzwords are often grounded in reality. Aside from trimming weight, the Berserker V3 appears to be built to tackle challenges unique to operating at sea, while bringing the elements needed to fight on land. The wearer can choose between a triple magazine shingle or zippered pouch, and two radio pouches are integrated into the “wings” of the front section. The cummerbund accepts 6-inch side plates, and the Berserker V3 comes in a version optimized for swimmer plates, and one for SAPI / ESAPI options.

matbock berserker v3 black

The Ghost material sets it apart from here. The hydrophobic material sheds water and helps draw heat off the body of the user. Laser cutting a molle pattern into the front of the carrier doesn’t compromise the integrity of it either.

Colors: Multicam, Solid Black
Material: Ghost & Ghost Light
Total Weight: 14oz (396 grams)
NSN: 8470-01-686-0378
MSRP: $550

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