Great Gift Ideas For Preppers Summer Edition

Looking to get your survivalist friends something nice just because you want to? Check out some of the best prepper gifts that they will definitely love.

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9 Awesome Prepper Gifts For Your Survivalist Friends

1. Water Filtration System

Water filters are some of the most recommended items for survivalists out there. These are small and mostly personal devices that you can easily carry around in your survival kit.

Water filtration systems sterilize the water that you might find from any natural water supply. They filter the water, keep it clean, and make sure that it is safe to drink. That way, its user never has to worry about getting bacteria or some kind of disease when they drink from natural water sources.

There are a lot of different types of water filtration systems, and a lot of different brands that manufacture them. Each, however, has its own purpose. Look for one that best suits the needs of the person you’ll give the item as a gift to. In general, try to look for one that can attach to any bottle for flexibility of use.

2. Firestarter Rods

From the name itself, firestarter rods are outdoor items that – you guessed it – help you start a fire. With one rod made of ferrocerium and the other made of a metal striker, firestarter rods create sparks when struck together. The sparks from these rods are enough to set a pile or ball of tinder on fire.

These great prepper gifts often come with a container that is compact, making it easy to carry around. Its container also keeps the rods away from water. Look for one that also has space for holding dry tinder, which would come in handy especially if you are in somewhat wetter environments.

3. Emergency Food Rations

What makes emergency food rations such great prepper gifts? Well, for one thing, if you’re unable to wrap them in time for the recipient’s birthday, you can always just give it to them the following year, or even the year after that.

Most emergency food rations have a shelf-life of about 5 years. They also often pack about 3,600 calories in one compact pack. Often, each bar in the pack contains somewhere between 400-450 calories, and each pack contains about 9-10 bars inside.

Look for emergency food rations that don’t make the consumer feel thirsty (which might happen since the rations are often dehydrated). Make sure that the taste is also great. Some emergency food rations have flavors such as cookie or cinnamon.

4. Car Emergency Kit

A personal car emergency kit is one of the best prepper gifts a survivalist can receive. These are designed specifically to address any need you might have and equip you with all the essentials you might require in pretty much any disaster that might happen.

At the very least, a personal car emergency kit should contain a safety vest, a first aid kit, jumper cables, tools, rope, flashlights, screwdrivers, and many more. Its contents should be packed in a clear and waterproof pouch that is small enough to fit in your car’s backseat.

In a nutshell, these personal car emergency kits should be capable of being left in your car, seated there until such time that you need it to get out in a hurry.

5. Solar Hand Crank Radio and Phone Charger

Hand crank radios are one of the most recommended preparedness items by many disasters and emergency services agencies for a lot of reasons.

First and foremost, you don’t need electricity to be able to use it, making it handy in case of a blackout. You’ll also be able to hear any important alerts that might come up in your area should a disaster happen.

Some of the more modern ones are also equipped with a solar charging system and a phone charger. Try to look for one of these as your survivalist friend will definitely love this gift.

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6. Thermal Blanket

Thermal blankets are one of the most diverse prepper gifts you could give to your survivalist friends.

You’ll often see these in the kits of first responders, who wrap them around someone involved in an accident to help them deal with shock. Competitive sports players and marathon runners also use them to prevent the body from getting cold.

They work in a variety of ways such as maintaining the body’s warmth, acting as shade, and even functioning as a signaling device for those who get lost in the wild.

7. Compressed Toilet Paper Tablets

You might be wondering, “Why the heck would someone want compressed toilet paper as a gift?” Well, there are actually a number of reasons.

First, aside from the conventional use of toilet paper, these compact tablets also have a lot of other uses such as starting a fire or covering wounds. Their small size also makes them perfect for any standard survival kit.

Plus, they are very entertaining to use. Just add a few drops of water to the small tablets and they’ll expand to a large piece of soft but tough towel.

8. Paracord Bracelet

No survivalist outfit is complete without a paracord bracelet. In fact, these stylish prepper gifts are perfect for spreading the message of self-preparedness, especially to family and friends.

Despite the relatively cheap price, paracord bracelets pack a lot of detail in such small and simple wearable kits. They often include a compass, a small emergency knife, a flint fire starter, and an emergency whistle.

9. Survival Handbook

Of course, one of the best prepper gifts any survivalist could receive is a complete and thorough survival handbook that covers any disaster or emergency scenario that could happen.

The best survival handbooks cover a wide range of topics. This includes learning how to survive in different climates, catching and cooking food, surviving at sea, navigating with and without maps, first aid lessons, making tools, and many more.

If your friend doesn’t have this yet, it will definitely be a great addition to his survival kit. Every survivalist would love to have a reference guide that will prepare and teach them what to do in any scenario.

Have all the prepper gifts you need for your prepper friends? Learn how to make a survival kit of your own with this video courtesy of The Infographics Show:

Giving your prepper friends the perfect prepper gifts doesn’t have to be a challenge. The list above should help give you an idea of what gifts your survivalist friends would love to receive. You can also try some of these yourself for your own preparedness needs.

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