A Roadside Emergency Kit Gives You Peace of Mind

Why you need a car emergency kit during a road trip?

A roadside emergency kit is essential for anyone who decides to plan a road trip. Whether it’s a spur-of-the-moment decision or a well-thought-out journey, a car emergency kit is a road trip essential.

Mainly, if you’re traveling alone or with small children in dead zones with no cell coverage, you may not be able to call for emergency roadside assistance.

While taking your car to a certified mechanic is always the best option, sometimes it’s not practical. For that reason, it’s important to always store your kit inside the trunk of your car.

The contents of your survival bag will become your last line of defense against death. A momentary lapse of judgment, an animal on the road, or a severe storm may result in your loss of control. As a result, you may have to fend for yourself.

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A Roadside Emergency Kit Gives You Peace of Mind

Minimum Requirements For Your Emergency Car Kit

A roadside emergency kit should have at minimum the following:

a Pad/Pencil – to take down information in case of an accident;
a can of fix-a-flat – to inflate and fix your tire and get you back on the road;
emergency food and water – in case you have to camp out in your car;
duct tape – to temporarily re-attach broken parts or seal gaps & cracks from poisonous gas;
flashlight – to fix your tire or re-attach a wire at night;
jumper cables – to get you going again; and
a shovel to dig yourself out of snow or mud.

These emergency tools for your car are road trip essentials and should be taken with you every time you leave your home.

Remember, a roadside emergency kit will need enough emergency supplies and survival gear for all passengers in the vehicle. This may include extra survival food, survival tools, and survival medical supplies. Simple vehicle checks may also save your life.

A car emergency kit is great for responding to emergencies; however, it can’t look under the hood. You may also want to conduct a simple inspection of your vehicle before departure.

This extra step may save you hundreds of dollars in a tow truck and vehicle repairs. For example, check the state of your drive belt; check for fluid leaks; check and top off all fluids; check all exterior lights and check your tire pressure.

These simple steps along with a well-built roadside emergency kit will give you the peace of mind you deserve while you’re on the road.

Never go on the road without at least covering the basics in emergency preparedness. Take a car emergency kit and conduct some simple checks. It may just save you hundreds of dollars and potentially your life.

At Practical Emergency Kits, we are neither survivalists nor mindless followers of government. We believe in family, country, and human life.

A substantial component of that belief is preparation. We were founded on the principal of providing families with emergency kits and practical knowledge that’s grounded in scientific research. We believe knowledge is the best way of conquering fear.

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