Wears Like a Shoe, Wanders Like a Boot: Meet the HOKA Anacapa

Summer is here, and that means outdoor adventures are in full swing!

HOKA introduced the Anacapa to take you on whatever adventure lies ahead. A sustainably crafted hiker, the Anacapa is a lightweight trail shoe with thoughtful design elements to keep you moving.

Offered in both mid and low options for men and women, HOKA says the Anacapas provide the “comfort of a running shoe with the supportive, trail-ready performance of a hiking boot.” So whether you’re exploring your local community on a day hike or heading out for a multiday trek, the Anacapas will go anywhere you do.

Check out our video to learn more about the new Anacapa, and see how it handles on all sorts of trails and terrain.

This video is sponsored by HOKA ONE ONE. Learn more about the new Anacapa online at HOKA ONE ONE

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