Organizing your EDC with Garage Built Gear

When it comes to survival gear, much like military equipment, utility is just as much a feature as an aesthetic. This fusion of both form and function manifests in EDC equipment, as well as gear built for expeditions, adventures, and travel. In our digital age, the fusion between a classic adventurer’s notebook and the tablet come together in organizing pouches that very often become essential gear. Much like a medic’s bag, it’s not only what you carry, but how. Garage Built Gear combines survival elements into their organization gear. At the core, each piece of kit is designed, first and foremost, to survive. Rugged materials combined with reinforced construction produce organizers, wallets, and more to keep everything where it needs to be: where you can find it.

While vital to a Bug Out Bag, compartmentalizing your survival gear need not be restricted to emergency situations. Rather, keeping something as simple as pens and paper and technology-supporting batteries, memory cards, micro thumb drives organized as a daily effort alongside emergency medical gear goes a long way for on the day when one doesn’t have time to waste finding it. In the same way, as ounces become lbs, so combined minutes spent looking for stuff compound over months and years.

Garage Built Gear tech

Above: The Tech Pouch Doubles as suppressor storage, could easy carry a moderate field maintenance kit, or keep daily tools in order. 

Garage Built Gear offers a series of pouches that thread the line between military-inspired gear and technological utility.

The Tech Organizer keeps cables in place with elastic molle-like stitching on one interior panel, and a zippered mesh pocket on the other. Able to hold batteries, cables, small EDC flashlights, and more, the width the pouch will fit pens, as well, keeping a small SSE (Sensitive Site Exploitation) kit contained and marked with a velcro section on the exterior.

The larger Ultimate EDC Organizer is for more regular use. with an expanded interior to include 3 zippered-off mesh sections, and a two-layer elastic section capable of holding tourniquets, spare pistol mags, larger flashlights, and multitools. Perfect for those who carry a camera for a living the upper pouch will hold memory cards and a card reader, while the larger option contains a charger and spare battery.

As a travel support, it quickly serves as a one-pouch-fits-most for specialty goods and can be labeled with a patch on the exterior.

Both the Tech Organizer and the Ultimate EDC Organizer are constructed out of 1000 and 500 denier Cordura, with YKK zippers on all enclosures, and come in patterns such as Multicam, Kryptec, and solid colors. Special runs in limited release patterns drop for those whose timing is met with the fortune to acquire a matching set.

Garage Built Gear Ultimate EDC organizer

As an option for the Tech pouch, and a constant on the EDC Organizer, a blaze orange interior stands out, harkening to Medical Pouches, for keeping account of what’s inside.

Garage Built Gear also makes range bags and other storage solutions for something as personal as a hygiene kit, to something as utilitarian as padded and partitioned camera bags.

Sewn together in Tennessee, Garage Built Gear solves storage problems with American made solutions. Indicated by their name, each piece is stitched together in a Garage in small batches.

Garage Built Gear

Tech Organizer
: 1000D Cordura, 500D Cordura, or Waxed Canvas
: 9.5 by 7.5 inches
Colors: Black, OD Green, Multicam, and Variants.
MSRP: $39

Ultimate EDC Organizer
: 1000D Cordura, 500D Cordura, or Waxed Canvas
Dimensions: 12.5 by 7 inches
Colors: Black, OD Green, Multicam, and Variants.
MSRP: $59


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