New: Rossi R95 Lever Action Rifle

Whether it’s a 1969 Camaro, a Led Zeppelin album, or a nice bottle of whiskey, some things don’t lose their appeal with age. The lever action rifle also falls into this category — it’s been around for well over 100 years with only minor changes, and has remained popular. As a testament to this fact, Rossi has announced the expansion of its lever gun lineup with a new model, the Rossi R95. It’s chambered in the popular .30-30 Winchester caliber and available in 16.5 and 20-inch models.

Rossi R95 Specs and Features

Each variant of the new Rossi R95 includes hardwood walnut finished furniture, a cushioned rubber recoil pad, and adjustable iron sights. However, if your tastes are a bit more modern, it’s compatible with commonly-available aftermarket rails and handguards designed for “another major manufacturer’s lever action” (we’re guessing that means Marlin). The receiver is also drilled and tapped for optic mounts.

R95 barrels are hammer-forged, and metal components are finished in a black oxide coating. For those who aren’t used to running lever guns in the traditional half-cocked position, there’s a push-button safety at the rear of the receiver. Capacity of the tube magazine is 5 rounds plus one in the chamber. MSRP for the new Rossi R95 is $949.

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