New: Gatorz Marauder Ballistic Eyewear

Your eyes are one of your most valuable assets, both on a daily basis and during an emergency scenario. However, they’re also fragile — anyone who has dealt with an eye injury, infection, or dust-induced irritation can attest to how debilitating it is to suddenly lose vision. So, just as we wear ear protection to protect our hearing at the shooting range, we should also seek out quality glasses to protect our eyes. Wraparound glasses with an ANSI Z87.1 eye protection rating are a good place to start. Gatorz Eyewear recently unveiled a new model called the Gatorz Marauder that ticks both of these boxes, and then some.

Like many Gatorz models, the Marauder is built from CNC-machined aluminum, with four hinges attached via stainless steel rivets. The center frame width, silicone nosepiece, and and temples are all bendable and adjustable for a comfortable fit. Gatorz notes that the Marauder has the thinnest temples of any of its ballistic eyewear — this offers much of the protection of a full-thickness wraparound design, but with reduced weight and enhanced peripheral awareness.

The frames are finished in black Cerakote, with an optional Blackout logo on certain styles.

Three categories of the Gatorz Marauder are available:

  • Non-Polarized – $160 MSRP
  • Polarized – $210 MSRP
  • ANSI/Milspec – $250 MSRP

The first two offer wraparound protection from dust, debris, and glare, but the ANSI/Milspec variant adds Z87.1 lenses that resist extreme impacts. All variants include anti-fog and scratch-resistant coatings. Lens color options range from plain black and clear to Silver, Gold, Blue, Green, and Sunburst mirror polarized (pictured above).

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