Level Up Your Survival Game: The Mora Survival Kit

Morakniv and bushcraft go together like chocolate and peanut butter. But until recently, only a few of the company’s iconic knives came with an integrated firestarter. Among the more notable exceptions were the versatile Kansbol and the popular Garberg, Mora’s first full-tang model.

But with the introduction of their new sheath-mounted Survival Kit ($30), the company has filled this gap in their lineup. At just 2.5 ounces and featuring a limited lifetime warranty, it’s a no-brainer addition to some of the best bushcraft knives on the market.


Mora Survival Kit: Contents

While the Mora Survival Kit can be purchased separately, it’s also available alongside either the Kansbol or the Garberg.

Mora shipped its review sample with a fresh new Kansbol, a model I hadn’t previously handled. Here’s what you get, in addition to the knife: A diamond sharpener, a ferro rod, and about a foot’s worth of reflective paracord. I opted to tie this last piece around the firestarter in a rather shameful attempt at a lanyard. Don’t judge me — I’m learning.

If you’re only after the kit, know that this model was designed solely for the identical sheaths used by Kansbol and Garberg. But if you’re buying the knife as well, be sure to choose wisely. The Mora Survival Kit isn’t intended to be detached once snapped into place.

Mine came already attached in its clamshell packaging, so I can’t speak to the ease of assembly. But, judging by Mora’s instructional video, the operation appears to be pretty straightforward.

(Photo/Josh Wussow)


As mentioned above, Mora’s addition of a firestarter feels like a natural pairing. For years, I’ve carried a Light My Fire model as part of my backwoods kit, a product also hailing from Sweden. And while Mora’s offering is slightly slimmer than its countryman, it casts sparks with the same ready ease.

The 90-degree spines of both the Garberg and Kansbol produced showers of ignition. And, thanks to the attached lanyard, the grip is perhaps more solid than that on my usual ferro rod. It also features a click-lock, holding itself snugly in place on the edge-side of the sheath.

Slightly less useful (but still effective) is the sharpener. At just 2¼ inches long, this thin strip of diamond stone is more suited to touch-up work than a full dressing of the edge. That being said, it’s one of the more effective integrated maintenance tools I’ve run across.

While the Kansbol’s factory edge didn’t require sharpening, I had an old Mora Companion lying around that was in desperate need of some attention. Sure enough, the integrated sharpening tool brought the blade back to life. Just know that if you’re after a full reprofile, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

(Photo/Josh Wussow)

Kansbol vs. Garberg

Now, a word about the knives themselves. Though they feature identical handles, the Garberg definitely feels more stable in the palm. This is due in large part to the added weight from the full tang.

The Kansbol, however, is certainly the more nimble of the two. Its unique grind provides more options and angles while carving, and the narrower stock definitely makes it the slicier of the two knives.

The spine on the Kansbol feels sharper to me as well, but that might be because it was brand new. I’ve had the Garberg for a few years now, and it’s seen its share of action. Still, both knives live up to the Mora pedigree. They’re easy to carry, user-friendly, and capable of a variety of tasks.

If you’re primarily interested in carving and some light firecraft, the Kansbol will be more than up to the task. But for those seeking a better all-around tool, it’s tough to argue with the full-tang pedigree and thicker spine of the Garberg.

(Photo/Josh Wussow)

Mora Survival Kit: Conclusion

Whichever you choose, Mora’s Survival Kit attachment is a nice addition to the package. At just $30, this accessory kicks your bushcraft game onto the next level. So, skip the cheap fire steels and sharpeners on Amazon and grab one of these first-party upgrades before your next trip to the woods.

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