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After years of offering high-performance men’s hunting apparel, KUIU announced the introduction of a full line of hunting apparel specifically designed for women.

For context, this is KUIU’s first major effort at a complete women’s line. And, in many ways, it’s a redemptive step.

The brand is, for lack of a more perfect word, ballsy. And past trials of tongue-in-cheek humor and marketing that missed the mark earned a bit of criticism on our part.

But redemption is, of course, a beautiful thing. And this line looks to be much more than a reversal on KUIU’s part.

It’s a whole-assed endeavor, with a whole lot more coming.

We couldn’t be more excited to see the brand putting big energy into a women’s line that looks to be badass, affordable, and comprehensive.

The initial launch consists of nine styles, including rain gear, outerwear, insulation, midlayers, base layers, and accessories. The women’s line utilizes the same technology as the brand’s heavily tested performance men’s apparel.

“Our goal was to create hunting gear that ensures all women can comfortably and confidently hunt in the most challenging and demanding environments and conditions,” says Kevin Wilkerson, VP of Brand Marketing.

The initial pieces are currently available on the KUIU website, with new items becoming available through the summer of 2022.

Key Pieces

KUIU Womens

The women’s performance line is available in KUIU’s Valo, Verde, and Vias Camo patterns.  

Some of the key pieces of the collection that are currently available online include:

We’ll add that the marketing from the brand is on point in this go-round. Women hunters hold their own in the field, and thanks to this new line from KUIU, brand enthusiasts don’t have to wear men’s gear anymore.

“After years of research, testing, and development, this collection is a full line-up of ultralight hunting gear engineered with an obsessive attention to fit, function, and detail. Hard tested and proven, it’s built to keep women protected from the elements while regulating their comfort,” KUIU writes. 

We look forward to doing a full review of the KUIU women’s kit, as well as seeing where the pieces will land on the spectrum of the best hunting gear for women. Stay tuned.

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