Clear Canoe or Kayak – See the world below you

We thought these were really cool and had to share it with you guys. How neat would it be to have a clear kayak or clear canoe so that you can see the rocks, logs, fish, turtles, or even sharks below you?

This canoe-kayak hybrid has a transparent polymer hull (the material in jet-fighter cockpit canopies) that offers paddlers an underwater vista unavailable in conventional boats

transparent canoe


Length – 11′ 1”
Width – 33.5”
Depth – 11”
Canoe Weight – 40 lbs.
Weight Capacity – 425 lbs. (2 person)
Hull Material – Lexan (Polycarbonate)

see thru canoe kayak

Price: Approx $1900 from Hammacher Schlemmer and other retailers


There are also a few other models out there like this Clear bottom Inflatable Kayak

Conquest Dyad

clear inflatable kayak


(Packed up in supplied carry/storage bag with seat)

Circumference – 40″
Length – 30″

Length – 9′ 10″
Width – 34″
Depth – 13″
Kayak Weight – 27 lbs.
Weight Capacity – 350 lbs. (1 person)
Hull Material – 840 Denier Nylon & 40 Guage PVC
Seat – Adjustable seat with back support, multiple bottle holders, fanny pack, gear pouch, & and fastener for a dive flag.


Or like this Transparent Kayak

transparent kayak

Length – 13′
Width – 22”
Depth – 11”
Kayak Weight – 26 lbs.
Weight Capacity – 300 lbs. (1 person)
Hull Material – Military grade urethane
Frame – Carbon kevlar
Seats – Closed cell thermoformed hi density foam

Sticker shock Price: $4,124


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