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Bikepackers Find Peace, Purpose Post-Pandemic in ‘Second Wind’ Film

‘Escape to breathe again’ is the tagline for this gripping, post-pandemic outdoor adventure film.

Hailing all the way from L’Aquila, Italy, Montanus is here to bring us its first film of 2021. “Second Wind” recounts the story of the Montanus group’s first bikepacking trip post-winter lockdown COVID-19 restrictions. The air has warmed, the trails are open, and the bikes are ready to go.

“It was winter when the pandemic hit us hardest, with that dreaded sense of suffocation becoming ever more intense — not unlike the feeling of breathlessness as you ascend a steep climb,” wrote Montanus.

“Occasionally however, when it feels like you’re just about to hit a wall, a new burst of energy suddenly appears. It allows us to catch our breath, and gives us that thrust we so desperately need to overcome that moment of difficulty. In the sporting world, this is known as the “second wind.”

Our “Second Wind” arrived with the spring, the moment in which we once again begin to breathe, to catch our breath and overcome the climb with renewed strength,” Montanus finished.

Cue a reel of a truck driving up a mountain highway, a mountain bike wheel spinning, a sunset fading on the horizon.

“An escape into the wilderness as the pandemic loses its grip, [this film] presents an opportunity to once again breathe in the rejuvenating spring air … dive deep into Nature, and wash your spirit clean,” the film description teased.

The film is fun, but also serene, hopeful. And most of all, it focuses on the joys of being out on trails.

Run time: 14 minutes.

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