XTech Tactical Introduces New MTX 365 Magazine Extensions

If you’re still carrying around a stock SIG Sauer P365 with 10-round magazines and are looking for a little bit of extra capacity, XTech Tactical has just announced the introduction of their new MTX 365 Magazine Extension for SIG’s factory 10-round P365 magazines. These mag extensions add an additional 3 rounds of capacity and also extend the grip length for a more comfortable shooting grip.

More from XTech Tactical @ TFB:

The best upgrade accessory for the Sig Sauer P365 yet! The MTX 365 Plus, 3 Round P365 Magazine Extension is compatible with factory 10 round magazines. This XTech Tactical extender converts the OEM Sig Sauer P365 10 round magazines to 13 round magazines.  The product is also the ideal grip extension for the Sig Sauer P365 platform. Our patented design allows the our extender to work on the SIG mag body with inward facing tabs where other extender designs cannot be used. The included spring was engineered specifically for the P365 to allow for unmatched reliability and last round bolt hold open. XTech Tactical’s MTX line of extenders are simply unmatched for reliability, ease of installation, and durability!

  • Works with Factory 10 Round Mag for standard P365 frame
  • Not for use with 12rd or15rd mags; or P365x, P365xl, or P365 Macro frames.
  • Sig P365 Magazine Extension is Made in USA
  • Innovative Patented Design For 100% reliable function
  • The Grip Extension Provides Much Improved Grip and Control without Sacrificing the XL Magazine Style
  • Custom Engineered Spring
  • One of the Best P365 Upgrades
  • Detailed Installation Video QR Code
  • Patents: US 11,408,697 B2, US 11,168,954 B1

XTech Tactical Introduces New MTX 365 Magazine Extensions

XTech Tactical Introduces New MTX 365 Magazine Extensions

XTech Tactical Introduces New MTX 365 Magazine Extensions

XTech Tactical Introduces New MTX 365 Magazine Extensions

The new MTX 365 +3 Magazine Extensions will come with springs to accommodate the extra length of the magazine extension. Each magazine extension is textured to match the P365’s grip frame which should make it ideal for those who aren’t looking for a flashy aftermarket extension. Each magazine extension will cost $19.95 and can be ordered directly from the XTech Tactical website.

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