Winchester Awarded NGSW Ammunition Manufacturing Facility Design Contract

The announcement of the winner of the US Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapons program means the Army can now ramp up preparation for mass production of the ammunition to feed the new weapon systems. Lake City has previously provided the 6.8mm GP projectiles for the NGSWs but in the future, it will become the prime production hub for the Army’s various 6.8mm ammunition needs.

Winchester @ TFB:

Olin Winchester, who operate the US Army’s Lake City Ammunition Plant on behalf of the government, have been awarded a $15 million cost-plus contract to design a new manufacturing facility for the NGSW ammunition.

Winchester Awarded NGSW Ammunition Manufacturing Facility Design Contract

SIG Sauer’s 6.8mm hybrid cartridge in a belt for the XM250 (SIG Sauer)

Here’s Olin Winchester’s full announcement:

Olin Winchester LLC, the largest manufacturer of small caliber ammunition for the U.S. military, today announced that the U.S. Army has awarded the company a $15 million cost-plus contract for the design of the Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) ammunition manufacturing facility.

Work will be performed at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant (LCAAP) in Independence, Missouri, the United States’ only government-owned, contractor-operated small caliber ammunition production facility.

“Winchester is honored to have been awarded this NGSW ammunition manufacturing facility design project at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant,” said Brett Flaugher, President of Winchester. “The ultimate design will incorporate best practices, key learnings, and stakeholder input to create a state-of-the-art production facility which delivers the U.S. Army an optimal manufacturing solution for NGSW ammunition. The NGSW ammunition produced at Lake City’s new facility will equip the American Warfighter for success on the battlefield for generations to come, helping to ensure the nation’s security and defense.”

Lake City recently announced a recruitment campaign aimed at hiring its Next Generation workforce.

“These skilled individuals will form the crucial first generation of the Winchester NGSW ammunition production team at Lake City,” said Mr. Flaugher. “This team’s focus will be to ensure every round of 6.8mm ammunition produced at Lake City is Warfighter ready.”

At a recent media event announcing the NGSW selection, Brigadier General Boruff, Joint Program Executive Officer, Armaments and Ammunition, emphasised that the program represents the US Army’s first major calibre and cartridge adoption in 65 years. It was confirmed that the new facility is planned to open in 2026 and will steadily ramp production. Once the Army has established its production facilities, SIG Sauer will become a second source manufacturer with Lake City AAP taking the lead by around 2029.

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