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Wheelgun Wednesday: Cavalry Raider Revolver Tactics

Wheelgun Wednesday: Cavalry Raider Revolver TacticsAlong with the Mexican American War and the Crimean War, the United States Civil War was a 19th-century proving ground of myriad new tactics and technologies of warfare, including the revolver.  One of the primary debates within Confederate circles was whether to field a standing army or engage in sustained guerrilla and partisan warfare against […]

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AUDIT UTAH: Patriots Organize Rally For a Full Forensic Audit At Committee Meeting WEDNESDAY AT UTAH CAPITOL!

Patriots in Utah will hold a rally on Wednesday for a full forensic audit of Utah’s 2020 election. Election integrity is on the agenda at...

Smoke From Western Wildfires Likely Disrupts Waterfowl Migration in Pacific Flyway

Tule white-fronted geese take off from Summer Lake Wildlife Area in Oregon. Andrea Mott/USGS Western Ecological Research Center A new study conducted by the...

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