Thyrm VariArc-VS: Adjustable Helmet Velcro Light Mount

Thyrm is known for their battery holders as well as their flashlight rings and pocket clips. They made an ARC rail compatible VariArc for mounting lights on your helmet. Well now they have a new version called the VariArc-VS which allows you to attach a light to velcro on your helmet.

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For those of you who use tactical helmets you might use helmet mounted ear protection. Well other than the OpsCore AMP arms, most helmet mounted ear pro uses mounts that attach to the flat ARC rail on the sides of your helmet. These mounts do not leave much room for attaching accessories to this rail.

So Thyrm made a new version of helmet mount with the VariArc-VS.

Photo by Thyrm

Unlike other velcro helmet light mounting systems, the VariArc-VS is based upon their VariArc system. It can rotate 360º allowing you the flexibility to orient light where you want it. Other systems require you pull the velcro mount off your helmet, reposition the light/mount and affix the mount back to your helmet loop velcro.

The VariArc-VS comes with both adapters, a picatinny rail and Scoutlight adapter. You can see the Scout Light mount installed below. Scout Light pattern light bodies bolt directly to this adapter. You can use Modlite, Arisaka and of course SureFire Scout Lights. The VariArc-VS is not compatible with the Scout Light Pro series body but if you use the picatinny rail mount then you can use a Scout Light Pro body.

VariArc-VS with Scout Light

Photo by Thyrm

You can see the Scout Light Pro attached to the picatinny rail adapter on the VariArc-VS below.

Photo by Thyrm

Photo by Thyrm

Photo by Thyrm

See the photo below? The helmet is a Team Wendy and they do not use Arc rails. So the older VariArc would not even work. The VariArc-VS works with Velcro so you can attach your ear pro and a light on a Team Wendy helmet.

Photo by Thyrm

The VariArc-VS retails for $42.99. It is available in Black, FDE and Ranger Green. Check out their website for more information.

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