[SHOT Show 2023] Mantis Expands BlackbeardX Digital Training Line

Mantis are set to expand their range of training systems with new Blackbeard X models. The system is already available for pistols and AR-15 pattern rifles and in a number of configurations and price points but 2023 will see the range expand to AK pattern rifles, AR-10s, CMMG’s Banshees and SIG Sauer’s MCX line later this year.

Mantis’ BlackbeardX (Matt Moss/TFB)

Mantis describe their system as “a data-driven approach to mastery.” They say that the system will analyze “every shot and generates actionable data you can use to improve.” There are a number of similar systems on the market but MantisX’s app appears to offer a comprehensive set of data with some quiet easy to understand visualisations including bar charts, graphs and movement charts.

Mantis’ BlackbeardX data readout showing muzzle travel (Matt Moss/TFB)

Mantis’ BlackbeardX app showing one of the tips pages for how to improve your shooting (Matt Moss/TFB)

Mantis’ BlackbeardX app showing a pie chart readout of data collected from a training session (Matt Moss/TFB)

Mantis BlackbeardX combines MantisX and Mantis Blackbeard. The system can also track your history to show if you’re improving or getting worse. The system offers trigger control analysis, group size tracking, a shot timer, coaching tips on how to improve, a number of built-in training drills and modes, daily challenges and regular app updates.

Mantis’ BlackbeardX in an AR-9 PCC (Matt Moss/TFB)

Mantis’ BlackbeardX (Matt Moss/TFB)

In terms of hardware the BlackbeardX connects to the existing MantisX app via Bluetooth. Blackbeard and BlackbeardX comprise of a magazine-shaped battery pack which fits into your magazine well and a laser unit replaces the bolt assembly. Installation of the BlackbeardX components takes under a minute, its as simple opening up your receiver and loading a (battery) magazine.

Once the system is installed you can dry fire your weapon and the system starts to collect data.

Find out more about BlackbeardX at www.mantisx.com

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