[SHOT 2023] Schmeisser .22LR Conversion Kit For Glock Pistols

American Tactical Imports (ATI) will be bringing to the stateside .22LR conversion kits for Glock pistols made by German Schmeisser. These kits consist of drop-in barrels and feed ramps as well as 9x19mm cartridge-shaped chambers that house the .22LR ammunition, fit the standard 9mm magazines and are ejected out of the gun with the fired .22LR cases inside them. At SHOT Show 2023, we had a chance to take a look at this new Schmeisser .22LR conversion kit for Glock pistols.

Schmeisser @ TFB:

Other than swapping the barrels, no other modifications are needed to convert a Glock 19 or 17 to a rimfire pistol. As shown in the picture below, the .22-caliber bore of the conversion barrel is nonconcentric, it’s shifted towards the bottom edge. This is done to allow the standard Glock centerfire striker to hit the rim of the rimfire .22LR ammunition. Another interesting feature is that when this conversion is installed, the pistol becomes a direct blowback one as the conversion barrel is fixed. The 9mm cartridge-shaped chambers are made of carbon fiber infused polymer over molded metal.

[SHOT 2023] Schmeisser .22LR Conversion Kits For Glock Pistols (1)

The Schmeisser .22LR conversion kit will be available for G19 and G17 pistols of all generations (Gen 1 to 5). The kit will come with 50 chamber adapters and packs of 100 chambers will be available separately. The MSRP of the Schmeisser .22LR conversion kit for Glock pistols will be $99.95 and the estimated start of shipping is Q3 of 2023.

[SHOT 2023] Schmeisser .22LR Conversion Kits For Glock Pistols (3)

For cost-effective training purposes, this should be a really good conversion that mimics real 9mm ammunition loading and ejection. One downside is that you’ll have to collect the brass. Let us know in the comments section what you think about this Schmeisser .22LR conversion kit.

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