[SHOT 2023] RISE Armament Iconic – Independent Two Stage Trigger

At SHOT Show 2023 Range Day, RISE Armament had their new Iconic trigger out to try out. RISE Armament makes some fantastic drop-in triggers for the AR platform and the Iconic trigger is a new design where the first and second stages are independent of each other.

The two stages of an ICONIC Independent Two-Stage Trigger are completely independent with totally separate mechanical components for each stage. This allows performance that’s impossible with other two-stage triggers. On other two-stage triggers, the hammer sear and trigger sear interact on both the first and second stages, and the disconnector controls the second stage, which compromises performance.

By keeping the Iconic two stages independent RISE armament was able to achieve single stage performance.

  • A distinct “wall”
  • Low overtravel
  • A crisp, clean second-stage break that’s comparable to a high-performing single-stage trigger
  • No creep
  • None of the inherent mushiness felt in conventional, captive two-stage triggers, which is caused by their compression of the disconnector spring

RISE Iconic in test rig

The two blades of the trigger do not collide into each other but rather nest and slide into the other. The first stage has a 1 pound pull. It is .26 inches wide and has smooth edges. It is slightly wider than the second stage. This first stage blade slides into the skeletonized second stage trigger which is an additional 2 pounds of force. The second stage is a crisp break with a definitive wall.

The Iconic trigger parts are black nitrided S7 tool steel interior parts with a 6061 aluminum housing. RISE did not have the ICONIC trigger outside of the testing rig so here is a photo of it from their promotional flyer.

The RISE Armament Iconic trigger comes with three colors; green, gray or FDE. The color is just the anodizing on the aluminum trigger housing. The trigger retails for $299.99 on their website.

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