[SHOT 2023] PTR Teases HK G41-inspired PTR-63

We’ve already looked at the new VENT 3D printed Titanium suppressor range coming from PTR but another exciting upcoming product they had on display at SHOT Show 2023 was the PTR-63.

PTR ran me through their latest development, which they say is inspired by Heckler & Koch’s ill-fated G41. The PTR-63 has a bolt hold open device just like the G41, which was HK’s last roller-delayed service rifle design. The PTR-63 also uses the classic roller delayed action but moves away from its G41 inspiration by dispensing with the forward assist HK added to the G41.

[SHOT 2023] PTR Teases HK G41-inspired PTR-63 (Matt Moss/TFB)

The rifle will be compatible with standard AR-15 pattern pistol grips and buttstocks and will feed from AR-15/STANAG magazines. But while the rifle has a bolt hold open device and a bolt release catch similar to the G41s, the PTR-63 also lets you have that classic HK slap if you want it. The rifle is still very much in development but PTR brought along their prototype to SHOT to give us an idea of what’s coming. They anticipate that the rifle will be ready in around June 2023 and don’t yet have a solid MSRP.

[SHOT 2023] PTR Teases HK G41-inspired PTR-63 (Matt Moss/TFB)

Here are the specs from PTR:

LENGTH  36.9″ with stock extended 30.5″
CALIBER  5.56x45mm
OPERATING SYSTEM  Roller-delayed blowback
ACTION  Semi-automatic (Host ready for NFA-registered, auto sear pack)
BARREL  16.5″ Threaded 1/2×28, 1 in 7″ RH twist
CARRIER  Nitride heat treated, tungsten dead-blow weighted, full-auto bolt carrier
OPTIC MOUNT  7″ Steel picatinny rail
HANDGUARD  Mil-spec anodized aluminum M-LOK®
OVERALL FINISH  Powder coated over Parkerizing
WEIGHT UNLOADED  Approx. 8.5 lbs.
TRIGGER PULL  9-10 lbs.
MAGAZINE  30-Round
COLOR  Black

[SHOT 2023] PTR Teases HK G41-inspired PTR-63 (Matt Moss/TFB)

[SHOT 2023] PTR Teases HK G41-inspired PTR-63 (Matt Moss/TFB)

The PTR-63 was still a little rough around the edges with a plastic cover projecting out the rear of the pistol grip assembly and a stiff bolt release but I’m excited to see what the finished product looks like. At the moment, the prototype was sporting an M-LOK forend and an AR-15 stock but it would be great to see the rifle also available in a retro format with the classic fixed stock and HK-style forend to give it that classic, and exceptionally rare, G41 look.

Find out more about the PTR-63 at www.ptr-us.com

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