[SHOT 2023] New Tangent Theta 7-35x56mm Optic from ATI

Armament Technology Incorporated, the OEM manufacturer of Tangent Theta Long Range Precision Optics, unveiled a new model at SHOT Show 2023. The Canadian company who are also the OEM for Tenebræx and master distributor for ELCAN, SAI Optics and XOPTEK, had the new Tangent Theta TT735P out at SHOT Show’s Industry at the Range Day and on the show floor.

The Theta is currently available in 5-25x56mm Professional, 3-15x50mm Professional, 3-15x50mm Marksman and 3-15x50mm Long Range Hunter models. The TT735P, a 7-35x56mm scope, example at the show had a Gen3XR reticle but Armament Technology Incorporated expect to have a couple more reticle options available in the future. The scope we examined at the range day gave a very crisp, clear image, had good eye relief and the turrets were very positive with each adjustment.

Tangent Theta from ATI (Matthew Moss/TFB)

The new TT735P features a 56mm objective lens and Tangent Theta’s elevation and windage turrets that deliver precise tactile response and feature what they call their TOOL-LESS RE-ZERO® procedure and also features their lockable rapid adjusting diopter. Armament Technology Incorporated say their Tangent Theta rifle telescopes are built in Canada and are specifically designed for harsh field conditions.

Tangent Theta from ATI (Matthew Moss/TFB)

David Sanderson, ATI’s sales lead for the Tangent Theta, said:

There is nothing in the space that offers the optical quality and mechanical precision of this telescope. It delivers better positive target identification at distance with the increased magnification, and also features the ability to parallax down 10 meters which is unique in our lineup.

Tangent Theta from ATI (Matthew Moss/TFB)

Armament Technology Incorporated told us that dealers are taking preorders for the scope already and that the first batch of scopes should be ready inside of 60 days. Keep an eye on www.armament.com for updates.

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