[SHOT 2023] New Safety Harbor KES Stock For APC-9

Safety Harbor Firearms continues to expand the lineup of Kompact Entry Stock (KES) with the addition of a Brugger & Thomet APC-9 model. Safety Harbor makes KES stocks and stabilizing braces for many popular PCC options. These include the CZ Scorpion, Grand Power Stribog, MP-5 and MP-5K, and Sig Sauer MPX. B&T has captured a large portion of the PCC market recently, so it makes sense that Safety Harbor added this model. Also, the APC-9K won the US Army Sub Compact Weapon contract in 2019.

[SHOT 2023] New Safety Harbor KES Stock For APC-9

The KES uses a dual-rail design, which allows the stock to collapse around the firearm. Side-folding options usually increase the thickness of a gun when folded. This style of collapsible stock adds a little extra length to the gun when collapsed, but is about the same thickness whether extended or retracted. This is an important feature when putting the gun in a backpack.

Safety Harbor anticipates shipping in Q2 or mid-year 2023. Anticipated MSRP is $279, which is the same as the MP-5 models.

[SHOT 2023] New Safety Harbor KES Stock For APC-9

[SHOT 2023] B&T APC-9 KES stock, which incorporates the hydraulic recoil buffer.

In addition to the KES, Safety Harbor will soon make stock adapters for the APC-9. Versions include a Picatinny rail and an AR-15 carbine tube mount. Both incorporate a QD sling mount. Prototypes were on display in the white, so anticipate some changes in production models.

[SHOT 2023] New Safety Harbor KES Stock For APC-9

[SHOT 2023] AR-15 buffer tube and Picatinny rail adapters for the APC-9

[SHOT 2023] New Safety Harbor KES Stock For APC-9

[SHOT 2023] KES MP-5K stock, showing how compact this stock is when collapsedSafety Harbor also showed off its range of SHTF 50 uppers. They have not been available for some time but should be coming soon. Also, thanks to the ATF, they are now serialized firearms and must go through an FFL transfer.

[SHOT 2023] New Safety Harbor KES Stock For APC-9

[SHOT 2023] Safety Harbor SHTF 50 upper receiver group

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