[SHOT 2023] New Manners Composite Stocks Pro Hunter

Manners Composite Stocks introduced their new Pro Hunter lightweight carbon fiber rifle stock at SHOT Show 2023. The Pro Hunter blends features of long-range and tactical stocks with features popular on hunting stocks.

[SHOT 2023] New Manners Composite Stocks Pro Hunter

The overall profile of the Pro Hunter is similar to many precision rifle stocks. It has a vertical grip, raised cheekpiece, and area for the shooting hand’s thumb to rest without crossing behind the action. But its weight is much lighter than a chassis system or tactical stock at 25-26 ounces.

[SHOT 2023] New Manners Composite Stocks Pro Hunter

[SHOT 2023] Zero Exposure Bipod Rail which can accept Harris-style or Picatinny mount bipods

Two of the most intriguing features of the Pro Hunter are the bipod and tripod integration features it offers. At the front of the stock, the “Zero Exposure Bipod Rail” allows traditional Harris-style bipods or newer Picatinny models. An Arca mount for tripod use also comes standard on the Pro Hunter and sits just in front of the magazine well.

[SHOT 2023] New Manners Composite Stocks Pro Hunter

[SHOT 2023] A slim Arca plate sits right in front of the magazine well for easy tripod use

From the manufacturer:

Using our unique manufacturing process, we can provide both strength and elegant cosmetics by wrapping the carbon shell around corners and into the tips. On other carbon stocks, you’ll likely find that the carbon stops before reaching the top. In addition, we use a proprietary heavy fill in high-stress areas and a lightweight fill elsewhere.

The MCS-PH is engineered to deliver the strongest, lightweight product available in a 25-26 ounce package. While the butt section has a more traditional rounded design, the Pro Hunter has many hybrid features, including: comfortable high cheek weld for long range hunting optics; flat bottom for extreme stability when shooting in bags; slight inward taper on comb to add comfort for high-recoil calibers; and dual ambidextrous thumb shelves.

[SHOT 2023] New Manners Composite Stocks Pro Hunter

[SHOT 2023] Despite its light weight, the Pro Hunter can handle all magnum calibers

Pricing starts at $859 and goes up from there with all sorts of customization options available.

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