[SHOT 2023] New KelTec KSG410 and R50 Rifle

New this year from KelTec, formerly known as Kel-Tec, is the KSG410, a dual mag tube, single-barrel shotgun that fits into the footprint of KelTec’s KS7.  Also new from KelTec is their R50, a 16″ barreled rifle version of their P50 5.7×28 pistol, complete with a folding stock that attaches to the bottom of the grip.

[SHOT 2023] New KelTec KSG410 and R50 Rifle

[SHOT 2023] New KelTec KSG410 and R50 Rifle

KelTec says of the KSG410:

The KSG410 is the lightest, thinnest and shortest 410 bullpup shotgun in the world. It’s a design that features the dual tubes of our beloved KSG and the out-of-the-box, fiber optic sighting system of our KS7.

The KSG410 comes in at just over an inch and a half wide. 1.7 inches to be exact. Although still wider than a communist’s brain, our engineers managed to stuff a barrel and two magazine tubes into that tiny space.

[SHOT 2023] New KelTec KSG410 and R50 Rifle

This little beauty weighs in at only 5.4 pounds, so not only is the KSG410 slim, it’s incredibly light. Like her big brothers, KSG and KS7, this gal is 26.1 inches long, keeping all that excessive paperwork at bay….in our experience the KSG410 is virtually “recoilless” by any pump-action shotgun standards we could find. This extremely lightweight, slim, and easily manipulated KSG option is a pleasure to shoot for the whole family.

[SHOT 2023] New KelTec KSG410 and R50 Rifle

KSG410 Specs:

  • .410 Bore
  • 5.4lbs/2.4kg
  • 5 + 5 + 1 (3″ shells)
  • 26.1″/663mm
  • 18.5″/470mm
  • 5lbs/23N
  • 13″/330mm
  • MSRP: $495

[SHOT 2023] New KelTec KSG410 and R50 Rifle

The KSG410 should be available in Q3 of 2023.

Next up is the R50 Rifle.  KelTec says of the R50:

New for Q3 of 2023, is the R50. A 5.7 x 28mm rifle that holds 50 rounds. The big sister to our P50 pistol, we simply added a 16″ barrel and side folding stock.

The R50 is essentially the P50 with KelTec’s rifle conversion kit that they showed last year.  Now, if you’d like to just have a rifle and not the pistol, you can have it as a rifle right away now and save $280 versus buying the pistol and a rifle kit.  MSRP for the R50 is $815, and it should be available in Q3 of 2023 as well.

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