[SHOT 2023] Mission First Pro Series IWB Holster – Look Ma! No Light!

Mission First Tactical has come out with a rather practical holster that has a unique feature that seems to work well. Their Pro Series IWB holster can fit a Glock 19 with a light like a TLR-7 but most importantly, it can accommodate the same pistol without a light and you don’t need any special adapters.

Pro Series IWB holster

For a better fit in the Pro Series IWB holster, Mission First Tactical is using stackable belt claws that are ambidextrous. You can customize the fit of your holster by adjusting the height and thickness of the claw.

The magic is performed by two parts working in harmony. That block with the Phillips head screw holds a rare earth magnet and attached to it, inside the holster, is a barrel stabilizer. Basically, a rod that goes into your barrel.

The magnet has approximately 11 lbs of holding force and the barrel stabilizer help to keep your gun in place and retained in the holster. With these two features, you do not need a light and the holster is more agnostic with regards to lights. As long as your light of choice fits the TLR-7 profile, you can use it.

The Pro Series IWB holster also has other features like their vertical wedge technology.

Mission First Tactical will be coming out with an OWB version of their Pro Series holster. Below is a picture of a 3D-printed prototype.

The OWB holster will fit all the common adapters.

The Pro Series IWB holster is going to be released in early spring for $89. For now, it is only designed for Glock 19 with TLR-7, however, they will be expanding to other popular handguns. For more information go to Mission First Tactical’s website.

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