[SHOT 2023] Matador Arms MAT-9 Blowback Upper Receiver

Matador Arms brought to SHOT Show 2023 their new MAT-9 blowback 9mm upper receiver assembly which is the improved version of the earlier released Montgo-9. Compared to the Montgo-9, MAT-9 has a longer barrel (7.825” vs 5.5″) and forearm yet at an overall weight of 3 lbs, it’s lighter than the Montgo-9 by about 3 oz.

Matador Arms @ TFB:

[SHOT 2023] Matador Arms MAT-9 Blowback 9mm Upper Receiver (5)

Matador Arms would like to proudly introduce the MAT-9™ , the NEXT Generation blowback bufferless and monolithic (self-contained) upper receiver for lower receivers and almost all 9mm magazines.

This upper receiver is side-folding compatible and features Matador Arms® patent-pending EZTS™ “Easy Take-down System” with no tools required to break down the upper for maintenance and cleaning.  The 9mm upper is machined for maximum weight reduction, slim profile, and compatibility with bolt catches and lower receivers. The upper is also built with a tapered multi-material 4-piece trunnion system to maintain mechanical accuracy and durability.

[SHOT 2023] Matador Arms MAT-9 Blowback 9mm Upper Receiver (6)

The new Matador Arms MAT-9 blowback upper receiver is compatible with AR-15 lower receivers equipped with Matador Arms Mag-X magazine conversions that take Glock or SIG mags, or AR-pattern PCC lower receivers designed for 9mm magazines to include Glock, SIG, Colt, HK MP5 and CZ Scorpion EVO magazine compatible lowers. Because the action of the MAT-9 cycles within the dimensions of the receiver, no buffer tube is required and as seen in the pictures of this article, PCCs built with the MAT-9 can be equipped with a folding stock/brace.

[SHOT 2023] Matador Arms MAT-9 Blowback 9mm Upper Receiver (2)

Colt magazine build

The bolt and action parts of the MAT-9 are made of 4140 steel with a nitrided finish. The receiver is machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum, has a top Picatinny rail and M-LOK slots on the sides and bottom of the handguard portion. The MAT-9 also features a non-reciprocating reversible charging handle. The barrel is made of 4150 steel, also has a nitrided finish and is threaded with the 1/2×28 thread pitch.

[SHOT 2023] Matador Arms MAT-9 Blowback 9mm Upper Receiver (3)

CZ Scorpion EVO magazine build

The MSRP of the Matador Arms MAT-9 blowback upper receiver is $585. It is available through the company’s exclusive retailer MMC Armory’s website.

[SHOT 2023] Matador Arms MAT-9 Blowback 9mm Upper Receiver (4)

Glock magazine build

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