[SHOT 2023] Leupold Mark 5HD 2-10×30, BX-4 LRF Binos and 1400i TBR/W

Leupold has added a new scope to their Mark 5HD line. The 2-10×30 is a low magnification scope perfect for close to reasonable distances like 800 or even 1000 yards depending on your caliber. They are also coming out with their BX-4 Range HD binocular, a laser range-finding binocular, and they have a new laser rangefinder with flight path.

Mark 5HD 2-10×30

The Mark 5HD 2-10×30 will be made with a PR1 reticle, both MIL and MOA. Leupold is also offering the Mark 5HD 2-10×30 with their TMR reticle as well as an illuminated version with the TMR reticle. The illuminated version has motion-sensing technology. It will shut off the reticle illumination after five minutes of inactivity and turn it back on when it senses it has moved. The illuminated version retails for $2,499 while the rest are $1,999.

The magnification ring has a removable throw lever for easier switching if you want.

Like the other Mark 5HDs, the 2-10×30 has a a 35mm main tube and a zero able elevation cap with a zero lockout.

If you have the MIL reticle then the scope has 29 mils of elevation and 23 mils of windage. The turrets move in 0.1 MIL increments. For MOA, it has 100 for elevation and 80 for windage. Turrets move in 1/4 MOA increments. The Mark 5HD 2-10×30 will be released soon.

BX-4 Range HD

The BX-4 is their new 10×42 laser range finding binocular. It can range a tree out to 1,600-1,700 yards. If you range a highly reflective target then it can range out to 2,600 yards.

BX-4 Range HD

The BX-4 also features their TBR/W technology.

True Ballistic Range® technology provides ballistically calculated ranges for extremely accurate shots at longer distances and steeper angles.

The BX-4 Range HD bino will retail for $1,599 and be available by the end of February.

1400i TBR/W LRF

The 1400i is their latest laser range finder with flightpath for archers.

Its dead-on ranging engine delivers the speed and accuracy serious backcountry sportsmen demand, while its ballistically calculated ranges for riflemen—and Flightpath™ and trig solutions for archers—simplify even the most extreme uphill and downhill shots. Adaptable and powerful, the RX-1400i TBR/W is the perfect addition to any outdoorsman’s pack. It can also calculate 10-MPH windage holds and display additional holdovers in MOA, MIL, inches, and centimeters. Whether you’re carrying a rifle or a bow this season, you’ll want the RX-1400i TBR/W close at hand.

See the images below to understand Flightpath. It is an indicator line that shows up in your FOV of the LRF. This line will show you the possible apex of your arrow flight so if there are branches or anything else between you and your target, the Flightpath indicator might help you decide if the shot is clear for your arrow.

Image from Leupold

Image from Leupold

The 1400i TBR/W will retail for $199.

For more information check out Leupold’s website.

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