[SHOT 2023] KNS Precision DiSCARder Adjustable Gas Regulator for the FN SCAR

At SHOT Show 2023, KNS Precision released a new adjustable gas regulator for FN SCAR rifles and pistols dubbed DiSCARder. This is a drop-in and a toolless adjustable gas regulator with 14 settings. It has a nickel boron and nitrided finish on its components for high corrosion resistance. The DiSCARder is compatible with all models, calibers and barrel lengths of SCARs with the exception of the 7.5″ barreled 5.56 pistol.

KNS Precision @ TFB:

[SHOT 2023] KNS Precision DiSCARder Adjustable Gas Regulator for FN SCAR (1)

Here is a list of features and benefits of the DiSCARder gas regulator (quoted from the user manual of the product):

  • The ability to safely use a much wider variety of ammunition
  • The ability to reduce the rate of fire and bolt group velocity
  • The ability to quickly adjust settings without tools
  • Reduced venting of gas from the chamber area into the user’s face
  • Repeatable, precise adjustment positions for recording settings
  • A fully-reversible, installation requiring only a bullet tip/multitool
  • Corrosion-resistant, easily cleaned parts for minimal maintenance

[SHOT 2023] KNS Precision DiSCARder Adjustable Gas Regulator for FN SCAR (2)

The DiSCARder gas regulator comes with three gas port jets that have different-size holes (1.5mm, 2mm, and 2.5mm) and a tool to remove and install them. Gas port jets are basically hollow set screws installed into the gas blocks of SCAR rifles that set/change the gas port size depending on their internal hole diameter. If after installing the DiSCARder gas regulator, you don’t achieve the desired results, you can swap the gas port jets for coarse adjustment and then fine-tune the system with the gas regulator. The gas port jet installation instructions can be found in the user manual of the DiSCARder which you can download here.

The KNS Precision DiSCARder adjustable gas regulator is available now at an MSRP of $159.

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