[SHOT 2023] Dorin Tech/Imperial Arms CypherX PDW

If you recall, Imperial Arms Co. makes their own SCAR compatible receivers. I reviewed their CypherX receiver and lowers. Well they have partnered up with Dorin Tech and will be coming out with a CypherX PDW.

FN USA has come out with their own PDW but it is chambered in 5.56. Dorin/Imperial’s CypherX PDW will be chambered in 7.62×51!

CypherX PDW

The CypherX PDW will be a limited production run by the end of the year around the holiday season. If you look closely the upper receiver is completely different from their previous CypherX upper receiver. It will come with Imperial Arms Co. MTM lower receiver so it can use AR compatible triggers.

Dorin Tech will be helping by manufacturing the CypherX PDW stock. It is similar in function to the FN PDW stock but the Dorin Tech PDW stock is one inch shorter in length of pull. This is achieved due to the slimness of the butt pad. The SCAR PDW stock has a very thick butt pad.

Pricing is to be determined but it will be competitive to the FN SCAR PDW.

Doring Tech is well known for the Caos slide upgrade for the FN Five Seven MK2. Well he has designed a new slide for the new FN Five Seven MK3. See the prototype below. Dorin dubbed it the Fastback and the angles are inspired by the Mustang Fastback aesthetics. The slide will be made out of 174 stainless steel and will use Glock iron sights as well as have a red dot optics cut. Dorin is unsure if he should go ahead with this slide but if there demand is great enough he will produce it.

There is a lot more coming from Imperial Arms Co that they showed me but not ready for public announcement at the moment. But believe me you will be excited with what they are cooking up. For more information check out Imperial Arms Co website and Dorin Tech’s website.

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