[SHOT 2023] Armasight Sidekick, Jockey and Night Vision

Last year Armasight came back from the dead. They had been acquired by FLIR a few years ago and then FLIR shuttered them when they decided to no longer offer weapon-mounted thermal or night vision anymore. Well, Armasight is back and they have even more to offer the nighttime hunter. Their Jockey is a small thermal clip-on. The Armasight Sidekick is a thermal monocular perfect for helmet use and they have analog night vision for those interested.

Armasight Jockey

The Jockey will be offered in 640 and 320 resolutions. The 640 version will retail for $4,099 while the 320 version will be $3,099. They have five color palettes and a four-hour run time using 2xCR123 or 18650 batteries. The Jockey has video recording for up to four hours but no audio recording. Armasight is currently developing an app to pair with the Jockey.

The Jockey has a 19mm objective lens and is only rated for 5.56×45, not .308. Armasight will be making the Collector version which is a standalone weapon sight version of the Jockey. It has the same features as well as eight reticles. It will be the same price as the Jockey.

Armasight Sidekick

The Sidekick might remind you of a former Armasight product. The PTQ136 was an Armasight product before they merged with FLIR and became the Breach. Well the engineer that worked on the PTQ136 is the same guy who designed their Sidekick.

Armasight sidekick

The Armasight Sidekick will be offered in 640 and 320 resolutions. The 640 version will have a 19mm objective lens while the 320 will have a 9.1mm lens. The 640 Armasight Sidekick will retail for $3,299 and the 320 Sidekick will be $2,299. They are collaborating with Rayvn Group to have them make an exclusive Rayvn Rail in gray and marked with the Armasight logo on the bridge. This will allow you to helmet mount the Armasight Sidekick and bridge it with a PVS-14.

Armasight Night Vision

Armasight has a BNVD-40 and BNVD-51. Same as what they brought to FLIR but now they are using ELBIT image intensifiers. I was a bit concerned since these housings come from Ukraine but they have assured me they have solved the supply chain issues.

Armasight also has their own MNVD-51 and PVS-14s. They will have a minimum FOM of 2,000 and will retail for $4,699 MSRP. For the more discerning client, they can build them with a contract minimum of 2,376 FOM.

Armasight is also coming out with their own VCSEL IR illuminator called the Watchman. It is 850 nM and has an adjustable beam from 3º to 14º. It is powered by a single 18650 battery and has a run time of 5 hours on high and 15 hours on low. It has three power levels and a remote control as well as Picatinny mount. The Watchman retails for $219.

For more information go to Armasight’s website.

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