SAAMI Specs of the 360 Buckhammer (360 BHMR) Cartridge

Pretty much every year a new cartridge is announced at the SHOT Show or right before it by one of the major firearms and/or ammunition manufacturers. This year, the company was Remington and the new cartridge was the 360 Buckhammer (360 BHMR). Shortly after the release of this new round, SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute) published the cartridge and chamber drawings of the 360 Buckhammer. Let’s take a look.

SAAMI Specs @ TFB:

SAAMI Specs of 360 Buckhammer (360 BHMR) (111)

Screenshot from the SAAMI cartridge and chamber drawings of the 360 Buckhammer cartridge. To download the full SAAMI document, click HERE.

As you can see in the above-embedded screenshot, the 360 Buckhammer is a .359 caliber straight-walled cartridge based on the .30-30 Winchester case. It is designed to be primarily used in lever action rifles. Operating at a MAP (Maximum Average Pressure) of 50,000 psi, this cartridge is launching 200-grain projectiles at a muzzle velocity of 2170 fps, per SAAMI specs.

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Remington will initially offer two loads of the 360 Buckhammer cartridge with 180-grain and 200-grain Core-Lokt SP bullets traveling at 2,399 fps and 2,217 fps muzzle velocities respectively. Federal will also offer 360 Buckhammer ammunition loaded with 180-grain and 200-gr Power-Shok bullets as well as options in their HammerDown line. Both loads of Remington Core-Lokt and Federal Power-Shok 360 BHMR ammunition will have the same MSRP of $36.99 for a box of 20 rounds.

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Remington advertises the 360 Buckhammer as being better than the .30-30 Win in terms of muzzle velocity, retained energy, drop and recoil. So, will this new cartridge dethrone the 30-30 Winchester, THE lever gun deer cartridge? I don’t think so. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

SAAMI Specs of 360 Buckhammer (360 BHMR) (4)

Along with the introduction of the new cartridge by Remington, Henry Repeating Arms announced three side gate lever guns as well as a single-shot rifle chambered in 360 Buckhammer.

For more information on 360 Buckhammer, visit Remington’s webpage dedicated to this new cartridge.

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