Recover Tactical P-IX+ Carbine Conversion Kit for Glock Pistols

Recover Tactical introduced their P-IX carbine conversion kit for Glock pistols about a year ago. This kit has a clamshell design that completely encloses the pistol installed into it, turning the grip of the pistol into a magazine well in front of its trigger guard. The company has now announced an improved version of this conversion kit called P-IX+. Compared to the first model, the Recover Tactical P-IX+ features a reinforced upper Picatinny rail, an enhanced pistol retention mechanism, a pistol grip that can hold a spare magazine and a new buffer tube.

Recover Tactical @ TFB:

Recover Tactical P-IX+ carbine conversion kit is made of glass-reinforced polymer and is available in black or FDE color options. It features an AR-style safety selector lever, adjustable trigger, and reciprocating left-side charging handle. The P-IX+ is available with or without an AR-pattern adjustable stock assembly. The clamshell body is secured via three latches located below and above the handguard and in front of the magazine well. Here is a short video showing how a Glock pistol is installed into these conversion kits.

Recover Tactical P-IX+ conversion kit is compatible with the following models of Glock pistols: G17 Gen 2-5, G17L, G17P, G17T, G19 Gen 2-5, G19T, G19X, G22 Gen 2-4, G22P, G23 Gen 2-4, G23P, G24, G31 Gen 2-4, G34 Gen 2-5, and G45. It is also compatible with MOS versions as well as Umarex and Cybergun airsoft replicas of mentioned Glock pistols. The P-IX+ kits are not compatible with compensated slides and ported barrels.

Recover Tactical P-IX+ (2)

Recover Tactical P-IX+ (2)

The price of the Recover Tactical P-IX+ carbine conversion kit varies from $224.95 to $274.95 depending on the configuration. Apparently, the P-IX+ conversion kits in the first early-release batch lack the metal insert in the front portion of the handguard which is called the Metal Front Guard (MFG). The company notes that “anyone who purchases the early release version will be eligible for a 50% off coupon code for MFG when it is released“.

Pictures by Recover Tactical,

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