Q Introduce The Mini Fix SD Integrally Suppressed SBR

Q LLC have released an integrally suppressed version of their Mini Fix bolt action pistol dubbed the Mini Fix SD. The new Mini Fix SD is offered in an SBR form only, with a stock and 8″ barrel, so it’s a two-stamp gun. Let’s take a closer look.


You asked and so you shall receive. Introducing The Mini Fix SD by Q. This mini action version of the legendary Fix just got itself an upgrade!

Now offered as an SBR, The Mini Fix SD comes standard with the fully adjustable fixed stock, integral silencer and full length top rail for all your cool guy gadgets. Not only does the full length handguard keep your hand from catching on fire using a heat shield, it also mitigatesthermal signatures and reduces mirage. The Handguard also hosts the Kickstand Bipod that comes standard and sits flush underneath. The Mini Fix SD is chambered in 300 BLK and accepts M4 magazines. The most fun, versatile, lightweight bolt action rifle you’ve ever owned just became THAT much sexier.

You’re welcome.

Q Mini Fix SD (2)

The new Q Mini Fix SD features a stainless steel tapered profile barrel that has a 5/8×24 threaded muzzle and a 1:5″ twist rate. The 33.75″ length specified in the picture above is the length with a deployed but not fully extended stock. When the stock is fully extended, the overall length of the gun is 34.95″. The length with the stock folded is 24.13″. The suppressor is completely made of titanium, and with an outside diameter of 1.75″ and an overall length of 8″, weighs in at 14oz. The suppressor is PVD coated and features the company’s Quickie Fast-Attach mechanism to attach to the Cherry Bomb muzzle brake installed on the barrel.

To learn more about the Q Mini Fix SD, watch the below-embedded video where Kevin Brittingham, the founder of Q, explains why Mini Fix SD.

Q Mini Fix XD SBR has an MSRP of 3,999. The current lead time is 10 weeks. The optics shown in the pictures are not included in the price and the silencer is not available separately.

Pictures by Q LLC, www.liveqordie.com

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