POTD: Red Dawn! Pre-ban Finnish Valmet M78 RPK

Photo Of The Day: The machine gun that was never adopted. The Finnish Valmet M78 light machine gun has a standard RPK-style clubfoot buttstock and either a wooden or black synthetic forearm. It has sometimes been used in movies in place of the original RPK. This one comes from the collection of Dominion Defense LLC.

Here’s the caption:

One of the coolest things I have photographed. From the collection of Gary at Dominion Defense LLC in Springfield, VA. A Pre-ban Finnish Valmet M78 RPK used and featured in the 1984 movie “Red Dawn” and “Commando”.

To add a red dot here would be to ruin it.

Certificate to prove that this rifle was used in the movies Red Dawn and Commando.

Photo and caption credits: Francis Torres @cinematicarms on Instagram. Used with kind permission.

The quality of his photos, as well as the selection of firearms, are really worth a follow.

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