POTD: Exercise Olive Grove in Jordan

More bullpups in this Photo Of The Day, where soldiers from the Burma Company, 1st Battalion The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment conduct a demonstration for Jordanian officers during exercise Olive Grove.

POTD: Exercise Olive Grove in Jordan

POTD: Exercise Olive Grove in Jordan

British Army soldiers from Burma Company, 1st Battalion The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, have taken part in a bilateral training exercise with the Jordanian Armed Forces in and around the Abu Salem Urban Training Village in northern Jordan. It is an especially busy time for 1 LANCS with a recent transition from UK soil to Cyprus as the Regional Standby Battalion – a transition they have spent two years preparing for. Major Liam McAulay, Officer Commanding Burma Company, said his soldiers relished the opportunity to deploy to the Middle East on Exercise Olive Grove and, for many of his troops, the trip represented their first overseas exercise working with foreign allies and, on this occasion, partnering with the 16th Special Missions Battalion of the King Hussain Brigade.

Sand or smoke?

“I fought the NLAW, and the NLAW won”

Source: Images and captions, Corporal Alexander Morris, RLC. Copyright: UK MOD © Crown copyright 2023.

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