New XS Sights Offerings for Springfield SA-35 and Ruger LCP MAX

The Springfield Armory SA-35 and Ruger LCP MAX .380 couldn’t be any further apart in terms of what they do as pistols or how people would use them. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve good sights. XS Sights is proud to announce that they’ve added a couple of new night sight offerings for both pistols to include their R3D Glow Dot sights for the SA-35, and the DXT2 Big Dot sight for the LCP Max pistols.

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New XS Sights Offerings for Springfield SA-35 and Ruger LCP MAX

“Our night sights with XS’ proprietary Glow Dot technology offer gun owners distinct advantages in high-stress, self-defense situations,” said Addison Monroe, Marketing Manager, XS Sights. “The purpose-driven designs deliver excellent contrast to drive focus to the front sight for fast and accurate target acquisition when every fraction of a second counts.”
New XS Sights Offerings for the Springfield SA-35 and Ruger LCP MAX
The modern SA-35 from Springfield Armory ships with blacked-out and serrated rears, and a single white dot front sight. While these perfectly match the sleek and familiar lines of the Hi-Power, they don’t really offer you anything in low-light shooting scenarios. XS Sights is now offering their R3D 3-dot sights that not only include tritium inserts but also absorb ambient light to allow you to form a faster sight picture in low-light settings.
New XS Sights Offerings for the Springfield SA-35 and Ruger LCP MAX

Meanwhile, the DXT2 Big Dot sights from XS Sights are coming to the high-capacity Ruger LCP MAX 380 pistol. These sights will be available in either an orange or yellow front sight and also feature a “v-notch” rear sight with a vertical white stripe with a tritium insert that allows for a faster sight picture in a high-stress defensive situation.

The retail price on the R3D Sights for the SA-35 pistol will come in at $116 while the DXT2 sights for the Ruger LCP MAX 380 will come in at a price of $138. What are your thoughts on these new sight offerings for the SA-35 and LCP MAX? Are the DXT2 sights something you’d consider adding to your Ruger LCP Max or are the factory sights sufficient enough for you? Let us know down in the comments!

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