New DAKA Hard Cases From Magpul

Magpul just added a set of hard cases to their lineup of other DAKA products. Magpul DAKA hard cases feature folding handles at the top and side and rolling wheels at the bottom. And, to top it off, they are all made in the USA.

Magpul @ TFB:

Two handles along the long axis of the case secure the case. Each is lockable as well. Inside, the DAKA hard case features the DAKA Grid organization system. The Grid has a grid (yes, hence the name) of holes that accept movable blocks. This allows the end user to move the blocks around as needed to keep things in place.

New DAKA Hard Cases From Magpul

Each DAKA hard case has the DAKA Grid system inside for organization

New DAKA Hard Cases From Magpul

Wheels at the bottom of the case simplify transport

Magpul has three sizes of DAKA hard cases in the works. The C35 is the smallest, measuring 38.8 x 19.7 x 6.5 inches. Its internal length is 35.3 inches, which is the source of the C35 name. Magpul advertises the C35 at $309. Next up is the R44 model, with an internal length of 44.5 inches. It lists for $339. The largest option is the LR53 with an internal length of 53.8 inches. The retail price of the LR53 is $369. All three sizes of DAKA hard cases are listed as “coming soon” on the Magpul website.

New DAKA Hard Cases From Magpul

Magpul offers three sizes (top to bottom: the C34, R44, and LR53 )

From the manufacturer:

The combination of the DAKA Hard Case and the DAKA GRID Organizer located inside create a next-level transportation and storage solution for anyone who seeks ease of use, useful features, and advanced protection. The advanced polymer construction reduces weight while creating a strong, protective shell and the innovative, easy-to-use latches make closing and opening the case painless. Its ergonomically focused design means the latches, handle, corners, and wheels were all created with dependable ease of use in mind, while the case’s rounded edges avoid potential snagging issues that can lead to case damage. It also ensures that the case slides easily over most surfaces with minimal surface abrasion.

All images from Magpul

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