Max Venom Announces MXP-DW Glock PDW-Style Conversion Device

Those of you who are knife fans as well as firearms enthusiasts may recognize Max Venom primarily as a blade brand. Over the last decade or so, Max Venom has developed a number of edged weapon designs, as well as some other products like impact weapons. What you may not know is that they have also dipped a toe into the gun world on occasion. They had a hand in the early development of what later evolved into the FAB Defense KPOS chassis and attempted to launch the FFD “Fast Fire Device” for Glocks, as TFB reported in 2018. Now Max Venom introduces a new minimalist take on the handgun/PDW conversion idea. Meet the MXP-DW.

PDW Conversions @ TFB:

The MXP-DW is basically a kydex dual mag coupler in an L-shaped configuration, meant for use with extended Glock magazines.

The MXP-DW is basically a Kydex dual mag coupler in an L-shaped configuration, meant for use with extended Glock magazines.

From Max Venom’s official product description:

Why the MXP-DW?

If you’ve maximized your personal defense handgun, it is likely outfitted with a red dot sight and even a light.

At some point, you may have considered owning a PDW style chassis, but found you could not keep your RDS mounted to your weapon slide. Or needed extra tools to hold the contraption to your handgun. (FAIL).

You may have also considered buying TWO of the same handgun so that one can be used as a PDW and the other as your EDC just so that they can utilize the same ammo and the same magazine (also FAIL).

The MXP-DW solves for all the above and more!

Do you already carry an optimized EDC handgun? Do you carry a spare magazine? Then you are already more than half way there!


When not used in conjunction with your firearm, the MXP-DW serves as an IWB spare magazine holster.

  • It holds two magazines: One 32 round Glock magazine and one standard 17 round mag.
  • This combination seats IWB or AIWB nicely as its configuration is a close facsimile of the footprint of the Glock itself.


To deploy your handgun in PDW configuration simply load the 32 round magazine into your Glock 17/45, with the slide locked back (empty chamber). Exchange the 17 round magazine for a 32 +20 PCC extended magazine and you are set!


More reasons to get your MXP-DW:

  • A revolutionary new IWB/AIWB spare magazine carry device.
  • Amplifies your Personal Defense capability at a moment’s notice.
  • Multiplies the volume of ammo that you already carry.
  • Acts as a counter-balance device when shooting suppressed.
  • Provides a stabilizing third point of contact when rested against any part of your body that is NOT your shoulder.
  • Readily stow-able for Every Day on or off body carry.
  • HIGHLY cost-effective alternative to all over built over priced PDW style chassis on the market today.
  • Requires ZERO tools and installs in seconds.

In short

We believe that the MXP-DW is the BEST non chassis PDW configuration on the market because we believe that the best PDW is the one that you already have on your person!

Max Venom is rolling into the holidays with a limited production of the MXP-DW ready to ship.

Be one of the first 300 to order now and capitalize on our limited introductory price.

The MXP-DW in a fully-configured setup, with the recommended mags, extensions, and other components added.

The MXP-DW in a fully-configured setup, with the recommended mags, extensions, and other components added.

So, in essence: this appears to be a Kydex dual mag sleeve, which holds two extended Glock mags in an L-shaped configuration. The designer declares this layout provides balance for a suppressor, and can be braced against the body for added stability. What do you think, readers? At $108 MSRP and $98 introductory, how do you predict this Max Venom offering will stack up against established PDW conversion kits like CAA’s Micro line, or Flux Defense Raider? Does its purported concealed-carry compatibility convince you, or any other advertised features? Please let us know what you think in the comments below. See you at the range!

Images courtesy of Max Venom.
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