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JP Rifles – New Hammered Damascus Knives

jp rifles damascus bladeI’m sure there are a few exceptions, but most people who like firearms like knives as well. Do you collect like I do? Here’s a chance to check some new options from JP Rifles, the Hammered Damascus Knives. They’re available either in a tanto-shaped blade (shown above) or a classic drop point version like below. […]

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Creepy Biden Whispers in the Mic Again… After Playing Touchie with The Kids (Video)

Joe Biden hit the road today for a couple of low-energy stops in Connecticut. Joe was greeted by protesters. He played touchie with the little kids. Then...

Project Veritas: Pfizer Scientist Admits Covid Antibodies Transfer During Pregnancy “Through the Umbilical Cord” (VIDEO)

Project Veritas on Friday released undercover video of a Pfizer scientist admitting natural Covid antibodies transfer during pregnancy through the umbilical cord. Nick Karl, a...

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