Johann Fanzoj MOUNTAIN KINGDOM Single-Shot Rifle

The catalog of Austrian luxury gunmaker Johann Fanzoj contains a variety of hunting firearms: single-shot break action and magazine bolt action rifles, side-by-side and over-and-under guns and even triple barrel rifles and shotguns. While any of their guns, even in the basic configuration, is a top-quality high-end firearm, from time to time, the company reveals a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that even gets its own name. We have covered many of these unique Johann Fanzoj firearms in the past (see the list below) and today we are taking a look at their latest creation, the Mountain Kingdom single-shot rifle.

Johann Fanzoj @ TFB:

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A grande rifle project in our company has reached completion, authorized to go public. A cooperation with an extraordinary man and hunter who has kept the hunting community in suspense for years with extreme adventures of which others could only dream. His travels lead him into unexplored mountain worlds and high altitudes where man and nature meet eye to eye despite optimum equipment and ideal preparation. Where the air is thin and control over the elements remains an illusion.

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The hunter mentioned in the quoted text above keeps his identity anonymous and is known on the Internet as AmmonAmmon75. Back in 2020, he visited Johann Fanzoj to discuss what would after over two years become the Mountain Kingdom rifle. Every single element in this rifle is custom and newly designed. The elaborate deep relief engravings executed by master engraver Franz Mack are a tribute to the world-record Marco Polo Argali sheep taken by AmmonAmmon75 in Tajikistan in 2018. The smooth furniture is made of Circassian walnut burr and the ornaments on metal parts are platinum inlaid.

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Despite looking like a museum exhibit, the Mountain Kingdom rifle was made for actual field use in some of the most demanding conditions in the world. In AmmonAmmon75’s own words: “I didn’t want a gun for the shop window, but a tool that I can use at minus 30 degrees Celsius and that I can rely on“. The Mountain Kingdom rifle is chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum and is a very capable long-range hunting firearm. According to AmmonAmmon75, this rifle “has benchrest quality. It can compete with the most precise weapon systems in the world”. The large muzzle brake installed on the rifle is probably what makes it shoot like a .243 Win as claimed by the hunter.

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